ArtsVote Toronto paints picture of stronger city through better funding

Rob Ford swept into power as Toronto’s mayor in 2010 on a platform of ending the city’s “gravy train”. That scared Meaghan Davis. She saw social services and the arts pitted against each other in a fight to prove their worth. It spurred her to act.

Community opposes Habitat for Humanity’s Birchmount plans

On Nov. 7 the community surrounding 357 Birchmount Ave. had an opportunity to meet with the developer, Habitat for Humanity, and city officials to find out what the latest plans are for the site. And what the neighbours heard didn’t sit well. They had a number of concerns, many focused on the one of the issues that plagues the entire city – traffic.

City and residents battle over plan to trim trees on Chine Drive

The fate of a line of century-old trees, the city has voted to cut down on Chine Drive in Scarborough, remains on hold. City plans along Chine Drive, where members of the Group of Seven artists met at one time, have called for the installation of sidewalks. And with a school located at the end of the street, city officials worry about the safety of travelling students beneath such elderly trees.

Living on the edge

Gary Crawford grew up in the Scarborough area and is now the city councillor for Ward 36, which covers Bluffer’s Park. Ever since he was a teenager, he remembers stories of people scaling the sides of the Scarborough Bluffs or venturing close to the edge to experience the majestic views. “This is something that has been going on for generations,” Crawford says.