Arif Virani

Downtown Liberal victor sees immigration and health as priority

The winner in the Parkdale-High Park riding, in Monday night’s federal vote, has put health care at the top of his to-do list as the new MP. On Monday, Parkdale-High Park constituents elected Liberal candidate Arif Virani over NDP incumbent, Peggy Nash. Virani attracted just over 42 per cent of votes, according to the CBC’s Canada Votes website, while Nash garnered just over 40 per cent of ballots.

Scarborough’s health-care system is ‘sick’, residents tell forum

Scarborough residents are “sick” of the quality of service they receive from their local hospital. A town hall meeting was held for Scarborough residents and physicians on Tuesday, where members of the community were given the opportunity to voice their concerns over the quality of treatment their families received during their last few visits at both of the Scarborough Hospital’s two locations – the General campus located on Lawrence Avenue and the Birchmount Campus located on Birchmount Road.

Redesign may overhaul TEGH

Inside the hospital as it stands, the current flow from one department to another is disorganized, and patients can be required to travel throughout the hospital for necessary services. The new plan involves a well-organized “racetrack” design with the nurses’ stations in centralized locations. This will enable faster response times for patients.

Editorial: Mutual understanding missing in health-care debate

In East York, we’re already getting a sneak peek of what this new health care regime could look like. This coming Thursday, Toronto East General Hospital is closing its outpatient physiotherapy clinic. A hospital manager was blunt about the reason: “This year, we will not be getting a significant increase to our budget. The $300,000 is a savings basically for us to meet our budget.”