Jack Layton

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Beaches-East York candidate says he’s his own man

Liberal candidate Nathaniel Erskine-Smith wants to be clear: he is not running to be Justin Trudeau’s voice in Beaches-East York; he is running to be the voice of Beaches-East York to Justin Trudeau. “I got involved because of Justin Trudeau,” Erskine-Smith said, “(because) Trudeau is the only leader of a major party who has committed to bottom-up democracy, not telling candidates what to say or think, but really encouraging us to be strong advocates for our communities.”

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Candidates dress and speak to relate to voters

When Doug Ford launched his mayoral campaign two weeks ago, he wasn’t wearing the Armani suit he often wears at Toronto council meetings. Instead, he’d chosen a gingham button-down shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Adam Giambrone, former Toronto councillor says it’s smart politicking. “You often notice more established politicians will put on more comfortable shoes and wear khakis, not jeans,” Giambrone said. “Frankly it works to a poorer socio-economic environment than it would in Rosedale.”

Canvassing gets candidates up close to Toronto electorate

He has been knocking on doors for years. He knows his pitch very well by now. As he approaches one of the doorsteps at Roxton Road, in Little Italy, he gently knocks on a door and patiently waits for someone to open the door. “Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you,” he said. “My name is Mike Layton, I’m running to be your city councillor. I’m just coming by to say hello and see if there are any issues on your mind.”

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Losing Toronto-Danforth ‘just the first game,’ Liberal Grant Gordon says

Grant Gordon says he isn’t ready to hang up his political skates just yet. The first-time Liberal Party candidate lost the March 19 Toronto-Danforth federal byelection to fellow rookie politician Craig Scott, who held onto the riding for the New Democratic Party. “For me this is just like losing a hockey game,” Gordon said. “But this is just the first game … of a series.”

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Young voters help keep Toronto-Danforth in NDP fold

The new MP for Toronto-Danforth credits the youth vote for his victory Monday night. The Opera House on Queen Street East in Toronto was packed with New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters, Monday night, to celebrate Craig Scott’s victory in the federal byelection; he earned just short of 60 per cent of the vote. Runner up, Grant Gordon of the Liberal party earned just under 30 per cent of the votes.