Joe Pennachetti

Property taxes on way up for some, down for others

After two days of budget talks at City Hall, council approved a budget that includes a 2.23 per cent residential tax increase. But the 2014 capital and operating budgets, approved Jan. 30, also include a tax cut for many residents.

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Early council reaction to Mayor Rob Ford’s casino letter

Rob Ford has officially reinforced his support of the proposed Toronto casino.

Mayor Ford released a letter Monday morning around the same time as the City Manager, Joe Pennachetti, released his report on a plan to allow the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to bring a casino to the city.

Ford has always been a tentative supporter of the plan, but in his public letter he re-affirms this, approving the idea.

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Zoo Chair pushes for sale

The city of Toronto has a budget deficit of $500 million to $600 million. The Toronto Zoo has an annual operating cost of $11 million. Should the city look to selling off the world’s second largest zoo?

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Nighttime worker needs TTC ride home

Miranda Edwards tends bar at the 521 Bar and Lounge on Danforth Avenue. She finishes work after the subway has closed for the night. If the City of Toronto cancels TTC night buses, she has…