John Farrell

A fitting good-bye for Omar Vizquel

Reliever Alex Burnett of the Minnesota Twins was on the mound Wednesday night as he faced the Toronto Blue Jays’ Omar Vizquel with two outs in the bottom of the seventh.

The count was 1-0.

This was the last day of the 2012 season for the Jays but, more significantly, it was the final game of Vizquel’s storied baseball career.

Farrell believes Romero needs more rest

In the wake of Ricky Romero’s last outing, a 9-4 loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday in which he allowed seven runs on eight hits and one walk in his shortest start of the season (one inning plus), manager John Farrell is hoping extra time between games will help his struggling star.

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Davis leads Jays over Baltimore

At some point, the good luck has to run out. Rajai Davis proved to be the crack in the sidewalk the Baltimore Orioles were hoping to avoid as they continued their race for the pennant.

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Jays’ McGowan returning as a starter

It’s been three long and painful years, but Dustin McGowan and his trademarked mutton-chop sideburns will get another chance as a starter for the Toronto Blue Jays. Since suffering a torn labrum July 8, 2008,…

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Manny Ramirez thinks Toronto could be new home

As the Toronto Blue Jays named former Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell as their new manager they caught the attention of a former Boston player.
Surprisingly it wasn’t a pitcher but one of most celebrated, and at times hated, hitters of all time – Manny Ramirez.