VIDEO: Canadian charity lets artists send a message in Malala-inspired Toronto exhibit

Plan Canada gave 24 artists a single page from a photo book to act as their inspiration for an art piece. The book, titled “Every Day Is Malala Day”, is a collection of photographs of girls and women from around the world. It was released on Friday when the artists’ 24 unique interpretations were unveiled in […]

Girls take over Yonge and Dundas Square

Every girl has a story. Such was the message of the first celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child held at Yonge and Dundas Square yesterday. For Crystal Gao, her interest in women’s rights and girl’s issues started when she was in high school.
“I found that middle school was really a breeding ground for negative female behaviour. A lot of gossip a lot of body bashing, a lot of slut shaming,” Gao says.