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Is having English name necessary?

A large number of newcomers are using English names that don’t match the one on their passports when they come to Canada. The reason? Mispronunciation of given names. But is using a different name necessary?

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Journalist says cultural competence bridges racial gaps

At first, the racial slur his former boss made about him didn’t bother him. It had been 17 years since Hamlin Grange had worked with him at the Toronto Star. That’s when another working colleague, John Miller, told him about the derogatory remark.

“My wife knew something (had) changed inside me,” Grange said. “She said I looked vulnerable, as if I’d lost something. … She was right.”

This was a defining moment in Grange’s career. He went on to report and anchor on Global TV and CBC TV, and eventually to co-create DiversiPro Inc., a company dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion.

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Thorncliffe community marches against hate crime

Shara Fathima marched partly in solidarity, partly in fear.

“It is scary to think that this could have been me,” she said.

Fathima lives in Flemingdon Park, near where a woman was attacked while meeting her children at Grenoble Public School on Nov. 16. The victim is Muslim and she was wearing a hijab. So does Shara Fathima.

“I could have been attacked, based on the way I wear my scarf,” Fathima said.

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VIDEO: Party at the Power Plant

The Power Plant started its newest exhibition over the weekend at Harbourfront. It’s called “The Unfinished Conversation: Encoding and Decoding”. It’s in memory of Stuart Hall, who was known as the godfather of multiculturalism.

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Trustworthy guard has more to offer

For the past four years, Fazal Hashmi has spent his workdays watching over Centennial College students at the Ashtonbee campus. He loves his job, but can’t forget his past. In the halls of Centennial, he’s…

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Thorncliffe Park celebrates diversity

As part of the citizenship festivities, CBC’s Metro Morning radio show held a remote broadcast from the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office Youth Centre. Before the ceremony, citizenship candidates, residents, fans and the show’s crew and guests packed into the small hub. Spirits were high as the captive audience munched on complimentary local pastries.