Benefit concert at church helps refugees find a home

When Mohamed al Chebli fled Syria he left something precious behind. “I left my mom, dad (and my) sister,” he said. “Then in Lebanon I had to leave my other sisters.” Al Chebli had no choice. The civil war in Syria meant he had to look out for his children first. Then, after living in […]

Kops on the Danforth

“The thing that Kops has over other places is that they have a massive 45 (RPM) collection that most record stores don’t have at all,” said Pop and Rock Exclaim Editor, Ian Gormley. “They have walls and walls of 45s. It’s a very specific niche market that’s underserved in the city. They do have new records, but they do focus on older stuff. They have definitely carved out a niche for themselves in that sense.”

Popular music-streaming service Spotify launches in Canada

The popular music streaming service Spotify has finally arrived in Canada. The launch of the six-year-old American website happened on Tuesday morning. The Canadian service currently offers over 20 million songs and seems to have much of the same content that’s available in the US. Spotify offers unlimited music streaming for non-subscribers, but a monthly $10 payment gives […]

Performing ‘very meditative’ for local singer-songrwiter Jennifer Brewer

As the soothing sounds of an acoustic version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” float through the pub, all eyes are on East York musician Jennifer Brewer. Her home bar, The Old Nick on The Danforth near Broadview Avenue, is small and it’s small stage offers is where the 39-year-old performer finds comfort.