Observer Radio News for Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 3 p.m.

Ryan Chatterjee has the latest on the plan to fix the Gardiner Expressway, Kelsey Cheng says some high school teachers in Durham could be on strike by Monday, Charlotte Pun tells us why Commander Chris Hatfield is releasing a new album, and Kei Lam wonders if Michael Buble is in the doghouse for shaming a woman on Instagram

Stonemill Bakehouse withdraws packaging for gender-based breads

Stonemill Bakehouse has withdrawn its controversial pink and green labelled gender-based breads, after the products came under fire from some consumers in January. A note from the company’s president has been posted on the website saying that Stonemill will still sell the breads, but with different labels because of concerns their marketing offended customers. In […]