Parkdale-High Park

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Police association head warns against TPS budget cut

The union representing Toronto’s front line police officers says reductions to the police budget will have a noticeable impact on public safety.

On Tuesday, the City released its preliminary 2017 budget, which proposes a $4.4 million cut to annual police spending. Also included in the report are increases to property taxes and investment in public transit.

Mike McCormack, the president of the Toronto Police Association (TPA) warned that crime will rise as Toronto’s population increases.

“We have huge sporting events, (and Toronto is) a destination city,” McCormack said. “That’s a huge demand on police resources. There is clear evidence that properly deployed police officers have an impact on crime prevention.”

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Thorncliffe community marches against hate crime

Shara Fathima marched partly in solidarity, partly in fear.

“It is scary to think that this could have been me,” she said.

Fathima lives in Flemingdon Park, near where a woman was attacked while meeting her children at Grenoble Public School on Nov. 16. The victim is Muslim and she was wearing a hijab. So does Shara Fathima.

“I could have been attacked, based on the way I wear my scarf,” Fathima said.

Arif Virani

Downtown Liberal victor sees immigration and health as priority

The winner in the Parkdale-High Park riding, in Monday night’s federal vote, has put health care at the top of his to-do list as the new MP. On Monday, Parkdale-High Park constituents elected Liberal candidate Arif Virani over NDP incumbent, Peggy Nash. Virani attracted just over 42 per cent of votes, according to the CBC’s Canada Votes website, while Nash garnered just over 40 per cent of ballots.

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Artificial green to protect and beautify neighbourhood

It’s not spring yet, but officials in Bloor West Village have imported a bit of green to spruce up the neighbourhood. All it took, according to Coun. Sarah Doucette, was a bit of artificial grass. “I’m interested to see how it works out,” Doucette said. “I think it’s a good idea.”

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West Toronto community discusses GE uranium pellet facility

The MPP for Parkdale-High Park has called for the immediate shutdown of GE’s uranium pellet plant in Toronto’s west-end. In recent weeks, residents located around the General Electric plant on Landsdowne Avenue, have learned that the facility also houses a uranium pellet manufacturing plant under the name GE Hitachi. On Nov. 15, the community held a public meeting to learn about the facility and voice opinions.