Cat adopted at National Adoption Weekend

A tale of two kitties

Molly Scade, 80, lost her 8-year-old cat to cancer three months ago. Then she saw the green-eyed Sasha with elegant black fur. She said it was destiny.

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Cats can make you a healthier person, study suggests

Being a feline lover can reap healthy benefits, according to study by the Fauna Communications Research Institute.
According to the findings, purr vibrations range between 20 to 140 hertz, which can help fight against a variety of illnesses.

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#TOraccoons evolve from pests to pets

In the past, Torontonians have viewed raccoons with disdain, using colourful expletives to describe the tiny bandits. However, locals have been changing their tune, as seen across social media.

This chip truck’s the cat’s meow

A chip truck that doesn’t sell French fries might break a foodie’s heart, but this one can spare pet owners heartbreak if their pets get lost. It’s been a year since the Toronto Animal Services launched the chip…