East York children suffer as Toronto remains child poverty capital

The crowd inside the small office of Thorncliffe food bank is nearly outside the door as it opens for service on Thursday. Zeeshan Modi, food bank co-ordinator, works to put together baskets of food to give to the waiting families — food that they can pick up once a month, but only lasts them a week at most. Toronto continues to be the capital of child poverty in Canada with 27 per cent of all children living in poverty, according to a report released on Nov. 14.

Too much poverty in Scarborough: John Cartwrtight

“Decade after decade, century after century, the tension in our world has been between the majority of human kind, the 99 percent if you want to put it that way, restricting the ability of the one percent to make money however they saw fit,” said John Cartwright, President of the Toronto and York Region District Labour Council.

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Group addresses city’s hunger woes

Martha Kivanda says most of the food provided at food banks are unhealthy because they’re either expired or close to the expiry date. A single mother and student, Kivanda says she’s become discouraged in using food services.