Remembrance Day

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Vet remembers sudden end to wartime mission

It happened on a night in May of 1944. Fred Davies remembered the cannon shell from an enemy fighter aircraft flying past his face. It ripped into the engine of his bomber. “The engine and wing… blew up,” he remembered, “(creating) an immediate ball of constant flame about 20 feet or higher.”

Let the poppy campaigning begin

As the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Onley is annually presented with the first poppy of the Ontario Poppy Campaign. Bruce Julian, vice president of the Ontario provincial command of the Royal Canadian Legion, presented Onley with the poppy on Oct. 23 at Queen’s Park.

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Chance encounter at D-Day cemetery reveals soldier’s story

Isabella Meltz recently started lighting a yarhzeit candle every year for her uncle. In the Jewish tradition, the candle signifies remembrance on the anniversary of someone’s death. An unexpected encounter with a curious journalist provided Meltz the opportunity to revisit her uncle’s memory and preserve the few details of his death as a Canadian soldier during the Second World War.

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Vet’s daughter still coping with his passing

Darleen Aguiar recalled an incident a few years ago. Her boss came into her office carrying a small container of shoe polish. He couldn’t open it and asked for help. Aguiar managed to get it open, but she cried the whole time. The smell, she said, reminded her or her father who kept his boots and shoes shining at all times.

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Vet recalls the night of the Great Escape

Nearly 66 years after he was liberated at the end of the Second World War, Albert Wallace can still remember the night of the Great Escape. “I didn’t sleep that night, waiting to see what was going to happen,” he said.