Ryan Fitzpatrick

Buffalo Bills locked into losing

This off-season, the Buffalo Bills uncharacteristically pulled out their chequebook as the front office handed out a whopping $224-million dollars in contracts in hopes of a return to the playoffs.

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Buffalo Bills in need of a bounce back

Things won’t be getting any easier for the Buffalo Bills following last week’s meltdown. Buffalo (2-2) heads across the country to take on the San Francisco 49ers (3-1) at Candlestick Park on Sunday, the first…

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Bills travel to jungle to face Bengals

Everything seems to be a little upside down in the NFL these days. Cleveland, Detroit, and Oakland all call themselves division leaders. Someone other than the Indianapolis Colts is leading the AFC South, thanks to…

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Patriots loom for streaking Bills

Two straight victories for the Buffalo Bills have got fans extremely optimistic, and rightly so. After crushing the Chiefs in Week 1, the Bills won their home opener this past Sunday in dramatic fashion, coming…

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No back patting, Bills look ahead

Few could have predicted the Buffalo Bills manhandling of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The 41-7 drubbing was certainly one of the more shocking outcomes of the first week of NFL action. Head coach…