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Ontario’s most expensive natural disaster barely felt in Scarborough

Toronto’s record-breaking summer rainstorm — the most expensive natural disaster in Ontario history, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) — left Scarborough relatively unscathed. The insured cost of the July 8 storm was about $850 million in the GTA based on data the IBC received from Property Claims Services, an authority on insured property losses.

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City plan to investigate west-end basement flooding

One night in the summer of 2005, Darrell Bricker heard a strange sound coming from his basement. When he investigated, he discovered what he called as a “geyser” of water coming up from the floor. “I tried to stop it but I obviously couldn’t,” he said. “I went and bought a wet-dry shop vac. I spent the better part of the night vacuuming this water and dumping out the bucket.”