Thorncliffe Park

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Celebrating Thorncliffe Park

The exhibit featured photographs and a video documenting moments as far back as when Native American tribes lived near the Don River, and relatively recently, when Thorncliffe Park Raceway was operating.

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Toronto police sergeant shares expertise in dealing with disaster

Eric Goodwin knows how to deal with disasters. In 2013, he served with the European Union Police in Kabul, Afghanistan, specializing in emergency management.

“I was responsible for teaching and putting together the first-ever course in incident command for the Afghan National Police,” Goodwin said. He explained that he led tabletop exercises focusing on the command and control of a site affected by natural or human induced disasters.

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Sex ed protest continues in park

Parents continue to keep their children out of school in protest of the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. It’s the third day of protests at Thorncliffe Park Public School. Parents have continued to pull their children…

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Teen stabbed in Thorncliffe Park

According to Det. Jeremy Gray, the victim fled to a nearby Popeye’s chicken restaurant, in the Thorncliffe Park Plaza. He was taken to hospital where he was reported as conscious, with non-life-threatening injuries.