Toronto East General Hospital

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Garron family makes historic donation to TEGH

n 1975, when Michael Garron was 13 years old and dying of a rare form of soft tissue cancer, his final wish was that he not be forgotten.

His parents, Myron and Berna Garron, promised him that wouldn’t happen. On Dec. 2, they donated $50 million to the Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) in his memory, and made Michael’s wish come true.

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Journey to an award-winning patient experience

Toronto East General Hospital has been named one of the winners of the 20 Faces of Change Award. It was created to honour individuals or organizations that have made a positive impact on Canada’s health care field.

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New program promotes a baby friendly Ontario

Ekram Johar is a mother. As she swayed back and forth, up against her chest, she cradled her six-day-old baby girl Nuria. Johar has breastfed all three of her children in the past and is continuing this practice with the newest edition to her family. “It’s good for the baby’s development, good for bones and teeth … helps get rid of pregnancy fat and postpartum stress. … The list goes on,” Johar said.

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Toronto supportive of public breastfeeding

Toronto is well-equipped to support public breastfeeding, an activity supported by Pope Francis who spoke out in approval n the Sistine Chapel on Sunday, as many public services are available across the city, experts say.