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The CN Tower from a park along Lake Ontario

TransformTO achieves stark decrease in carbon emissions. Is it enough?

Toronto is on track to tackle climate change according to a report released last week that revealed the city’s 2020 goal has been surpassed, but some say the next phase of targets will be harder to reach in Ford’s Ontario.

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventory, released by the city last week, revealed that a 33 per cent decrease in emissions since 1990 which surpassed the 2020 goal of 30 per cent under TransformTO, the city’s climate action plan. The next goal is a 65 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.

Storms battered City of Toronto to the tune of $171 million in 2013

The rain fell fast and hard, and left in its wake a waterlogged city with an hefty cleanup bill. Five months later, the city found itself under a blanket of ice. The two storms — which make up the bulk of the $171 million in storm-related costs the City of Toronto says it incurred in 2013 — have raised questions about how the city prepares for disasters.

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Ford’s TTC service cuts dash Scarborough’s dreams

Hope for better transportation is the reason why most of Scarborough voted for Ford. By cutting transportation services, Ford will not only keep residents waiting longer in the cold this winter but he will also break the one campaign promise that convinced Scarborough to choose him.

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Nighttime worker needs TTC ride home

Miranda Edwards tends bar at the 521 Bar and Lounge on Danforth Avenue. She finishes work after the subway has closed for the night. If the City of Toronto cancels TTC night buses, she has…