Toronto Humane Society

YTV judges speak out for shelter dogs

About a year ago, Mark Spicoluk, a host of the television show The Next Star, purchased a Rottweiler puppy and named him Prince. Over the next few months, Prince’s training from the vet ended up leaving him with trust issues and Spicoluk with a mission.

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Anti-puppy-mill bylaw having impact in GTA pet stores

Everything seemed calm as Heather Hill walked toward the barn. But once the doors opened, the smell of rotten flesh and the barking of 400 dogs proved otherwise. Puppies were kept in groups of about eight, in small rooms and forced to stand on metal grates allowing their excrement to fall through. “It was more disgusting than you can ever imagine. She knew nothing about the breeds.”

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Hope’s story gives ‘paws’ to reflect on animal abuse

Hope was tied to a tree with electrical cord and left for dead in Atlanta, Ga. On July 7, Shane Smith found the dog, which became his motivation to found Paws for Hope and Faith, an organization urging an end to animal abuse. Now the group is set to hold a fundraiser on Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. at The Sidewalk Café.