University of Toronto Scarborough

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Commuter transit service remains frustrating issue

When she was a York University student, Victoria Cooling coped with the idiosyncrasies of public transit only so long. “While in school, I used to commute from Richmond Hill to York University,” she said. “That required three busses and if the connections were not aligned, I’d automatically be late for school. Public transit is not reliable, especially in areas that are high traffic or require frequent stops.”

Scarborough community housing takes centre stage

“Stop!” an audience member yells and the actor makes way for the spectator to come on stage and join the action.
This technique is called forum theatre, and it was used on Oct. 18 at Metro Hall (55 John St.) where six residents of the Kingston, Galloway and Orton Park (KGO) neighbourhoods performed their show, And Here We Dwell.