World News Day 2020

Survival and sustainability: How Canadian ‘preppers’ are encouraging self-sustenance amidst COVID-19

There has always been an inherent need to “get ready” – getting ready to go out with friends, or on vacation. Getting ready entails making sure you have all you need – whether it be the lipstick you chose to wear or sandals for your beach. This need to “get ready” comes to minds of survivalists, or “preppers” more often than on special occasions – it is a desire to be prepared for anything, at any given time.


How to fight climate change with your wardrobe

The idea of saving the environment by buying new clothes seems far-fetched. Yet, a Toronto-based kidswear brand called Nudnik made it possible. The company sells colourful T-shirts for children aged 1 to 6 made with 100 per cent organic cotton

Toronto residents report experiencing racism as a result of coronavirus pandemic

Alvin Tedjo, former Ontario Liberal Party Leader candidate for 2020 and Shelly Krieder Li, a family pratice nurse at Woman’s College Hospital talk about how they and their loved ones have been affected by the racism surrounding COVID-19 and the Canadian Chinese community. Also a brief discussion of what is happening nationally with COVID-19 and racism.

toronto musicians

Funeral Lakes band redefining climate activism

Funeral Lakes will have their album-release show on January 17, 2020, at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto.The partners in life and music released their first album in December. Their apocalypse-folk-rock band, Funeral Lakes, sings about climate activism.