Snow falls affect local businesses

Store owners say snow has kept their customers away

Store owners say snow has kept their customers away.

Neighbourhood students in Toronto may be enjoying the days off from school that the on-and-off winter storms have brought.

But local businesses are cringing at the thought of more snow because it means less business.

Employees at a plaza on Morningside Avenue at Military Trail have noticed a decline of customers in their businesses because of the snow fall that has been blanketing the city the last few months.

“Business has dropped by 30 per cent,” said Frank Chi, an employee of the Village Smoke and Convenience store.

“After the snow is shoveled they always show, but nobody comes out during the snow,” said Chi, adding although there are more customers when the snow stops falling, the number of people coming into the convenience store has been reduced because of un-shoveled sidewalks.

The unforeseen amount of snow has left the city short of funds on the clearing budget, and that has meant many snow covered sidewalks and roads.

Students from Pope John Paul II school and local residents have to trek through the snow that has covered the sidewalks in order to get to the plaza.

Betty James, at The Fossil and Haggis, said the snow has affected the number of customers coming into the pub and restaurant as well.

“We’ve lost half our parking because the snow plow has nowhere else to put it,” said James, adding the parking lot is plowed by a private company.

Chi, who was also experiencing a slow day at the convenience store, was looking forward to spring.

“If it keeps snowing it will get worse because snow is terrible for business,” he said.

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By: Yuling Wong
Posted: Feb 24 2008 12:00 pm
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