Election 2008: Kennedy knocks off Nash in Parkdale-High Park

The newly elected MP in Toronto’s Parkdale-High Park riding says his constituency can become a greener community.

After a tight race for Parkdale-High Park, incumbent NDP candidate, Peggy Nash lost to Liberal Gerard Kennedy, who took the riding with a total of 14,834 votes on Tuesday night;

Nash polled a total of 11,984. Nationally, the Conservatives won a minority government, but during a rally in the Junction, at Flamingo Hall, Gerard Kennedy celebrated his victory by pointing to a task ahead.

“We will continue with things like the carbon challenge. We’ve signed up a thousand households, showing them how to save money on their energy and so on,” Kennedy said. “Then we can become a green community.”

Gerard Kennedy’s campaign addressed the issue of carbon footprints, offering reduction in taxes to constituents.

“We need to just simply engage people, and that’s how it’s all going to work.” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s campaign manager, Jason Easton, suggested that Kennedy’s win Tuesday night indicated a change in direction for the community

“Today Parkdale-High Park made a choice and they decided that ‘we want Gerard Kennedy’ and it is time,” Easton said.

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Posted: Oct 15 2008 6:05 pm
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