Fence finally installed at Botany Park

A fence to block off a steep slope in Botany Park has finally been covered.

After months of delay, the fence was installed in November 2008, said Bill Harding, parks manager for Scarborough. The area had to be checked for hydro and gas, which is why it took so long, Harding said.

The fence is a post and cable fence because staff thought a chain link fence would be too easy to cut into.

The Observer has been covering this story since last year and noticed how easy it is to slip and fall due to the steepness of the hill. Botany Park is located just off of Orton Park Rd. and leads to a set of bluffs.

“It’s clear that people were using it to access the valley,” Harding said.

No injuries or accidents have been reported before or after the barrier has been put up.

Amanda Ly

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Posted: Feb 21 2009 11:44 am
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