Cleanliness comes with the territory

News about the recent food-safety violations found at a small restaurant in Scarborough is like déjà-vu, as we have learned in the past about many other restaurants that have had the same problems.

In the recent case, inspectors had earlier given the takeout restaurant a conditional yellow pass, but they returned only three days later to grant the owner a full green pass. This system gives restaurateurs a chance to fix any problems at least temporarily. And in this case, soon afterwards the place was back to such bad conditions that it had to be shut down.

All owners have a responsibility to manage their restaurants properly by complying with government health and safety regulations. They shouldn’t even need to have inspectors come in to point out problem areas, to force them to finally roll up their sleeves and do something about it.

It’s their duty to keep their establishment clean. After all, that is where their food is handled. Is having a clean place where food is handled correctly too much for a diner to ask for?

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By: Rima Ramoul
Posted: Nov 30 2009 9:53 am
Filed under: Opinion