Green condo to help revitalize neighbourhood

A 10-storey, eco-friendly condominium building is to be constructed on Lawrence Avenue East. The building was approved by Scarborough council earlier this month.

The building is a part of the planned upgrade of the Lawrence and Galloway Road area, which has been named one of Scarborough’s neighbourhoods most in need of revitalization.

“It might end up helping the area, which is deteriorating,” local resident Shayna Dawes said. “There are all these dirty motels here.”

Benefits of environmentally friendly buildings
  • They use less energy to heat and cool.
  • They create less pollution because they don’t use harmful chemicals like mercury.
  • They use recycled materials.
  • Buildings that generate their own wind and solar power have smaller electricity bills in the long run.
How to make your building environmentally friendly
  • Install solar panels for heating and generating electricity.
  • Use a water-powered cooling system instead of air conditioning to cool down in the summer.
  • Improve insulation to minimize affect of weather outdoors.
  • Use water-conserving toilets and faucets.

It is to be built at Andover, near Galloway, with many ecological features, according to a city staff report. The plan is to rezone the lands of 4111 and 4113 Lawrence Ave East.

The building is to be heated and air conditioned through the use of geothermal energy. Fifty per cent of the building’s roof is to be environmentally friendly, made out of reused materials.

The condominium as a whole is supposed to be energy efficient. The building is going to be light-coloured on the outside, so that it is not heated from the outside too easily, which could potentially reduce the cooling costs in the summer season. This is because darker colours attract and absorb the sun more easily than do lighter ones. There will also be thermal windows so that it is heat saved. This way the heat will remain inside during the cold winters, instead of escaping through cracks at the edges of the windows.

Laundry water is also going to be conserved.

The building will feature shops on the first floor and, above it, 70 residential suites, including 26 single-bedroom units and 44 two-bedroom suites.

In a public meeting, local residents had complained about a lack of parking in the area and it contributes to high traffic.

“There is already a lot of stores and buildings around the area,” resident Michaela Johnson said.

In response to these concerns, the developer has increased parking spaces underground.

Residents also complained the TTC did not run frequently.

However, there has also been some support for the development from local residents.

Local councillors Ron Moeser and Paul Ainslie did not oppose the buildings’ approval.

“My concern is how it affects the residents of community,” Councillor Ron Moeser of Ward 44 said.

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