Aussie aerialist’s flight is golden

Judging’s not so random when you win.

After making comments about the unpredictability of the judging during the qualification round, Australia’s Lydia Lassila took home gold in the ladies’ Olympic aerials event on Wednesday.

Lassila battled foggy Cypress Mountain conditions and was able to win the finals with a total score of 214.74.

China’s Nina Li and Xinxin Guo won silver and bronze with scores of 207.23 and 205.22.

Nina’s silver medal matches her performance at the Turin Games.

The Australian champion was able to win the gold medal thanks to two consistently good jumps. She scored 106.25 on the first one and 108.49 on the second jump.

Her second jump was especially impressive being able to stick a near perfect landing after performing three flips and two twists in the air.

The leader at qualifying, Belarus’ Alla Tsuper, finished in eighth place, continuing a strange Olympic tradition of the top qualifier in the ladies’ aerials not ever making it onto the podium.

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By: Steve Loung
Posted: Feb 25 2010 12:16 am
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