Diversity day in action

“Junior achievement today – success in life tomorrow” reads the tagline of Diversity in Action, a one-day curriculum-enhancing program for students across the city.

Students take part in a series of activities focusing on gender, age, ethnicity, disabilities, and — an optional program initiative— sexual orientation. Students are encouraged to understand the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, and diversity.

Throughout Ontario, the activities take place during Heritage Week running from Feb. 15 to 21.

This year at Joseph Brant Public School, Diversity Day occurred on Feb. 18 and was led by volunteers Riz Ahmad and Virginia Paler.

“Our students absolutely loved it,” vice-principal Daniele Puglielli said.  “They spent the day discussing current events and issues they care about, so it was just wonderful to see.”

As an educator, Puglielli said there was nothing more exciting than the students’ willingness to learn.

“Their enthusiasm to learn something new, something they might not necessarily learn in school, those skills to prepare them later in life was the most rewarding moment of the day,” said Puglielli.

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By: Angela Rotundo
Posted: Mar 4 2010 9:41 am
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