Vive le Scarborough libre!

People of Scarborough, cast aside the shackles of oppression. Demand autonomy from Queen’s Park.

Last week Ontario MPP Bill Murdoch proposed that Toronto become its own province. Murdoch, who represents the rural riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is speaking on behalf of communities outside the metropolis. He says their needs are not being met because the Ontario Legislature favours the capital city.

Alas, Scarborough feels the same neglect.

We in Scarborough must stand up for our own rights.

Because of Scarborough’s limited representation in the halls of government, our concerns are not taken seriously.

Our ancient transit system is in decline, but Queen’s Park will do nothing to help us.

The Scarborough RT has been the central mode of transportation in the region since 1978. However, the aging system has never been modified to accommodate changing transit demands.
Toronto proposed in 2007 to expand light rail transit in Scarborough as part of the “Transit City” program. This plan will not do. Car traffic will be obstructed and traffic patterns be changed to suit Toronto bureaucrats. Over the next 12 years this citywide plan will cost taxpayers over $17 billion.

The only way our unique demands can be met is if we have an autonomous government. Only 10 of the 44 Toronto city councillors speak for the needs of the people of Scarborough. The Scarborough Community Council, which includes our councillors, still meets in the old City of Scarborough buildings to discuss the community, but their discussions are meaningless. The City of Toronto must approve its motions for any progress to go forward.

We must take action into our own hands.

Our economy is based on manufacturing. If we work for ourselves, instead of for Toronto, we are capable of creating the greatest manufacturing hub in southern Ontario. Agriculture will be another key component of an independent Scarborough. The farmland to the northeast will feed and nurture us.

Scarborough has a long history of independence and it thrived on its own for over 150 years. From its incorporation as a township in 1850 to the 1998 amalgamation, Scarborough grew from a suburban backwater to an integral part of the metropolitan Toronto area. But why should our growth stop there?

Scarborough annexed West Rouge from Pickering in 1973. It is clear we must continue our eastward march. There is much fertile farmland beyond the zoo. We must claim it in the name of Scarborough if we are to sustain our self reliance in the food sector.

Energy will not be a problem. Wind farming off the Scarborough bluffs could power 50,000 Scarborough homes with renewable, emissions-free energy. The shallow Scarborough shoreline is the only area in the GTA where wind farming is possible. We will sell our surplus energy to the surrounding area to supplement our economy.

Unfortunately, my dreams are only dreams and they cannot come to fruition unless you, the people of Scarborough, dream with me.  The fight for freedom will not be easy, but the alternatives are too dire.

We must march to the capital, united, our banners streaming in the air and our heads held high. They can take our light rail, but they can never take our freedom!

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By: Josef Jacobson
Posted: Mar 25 2010 6:54 am
Filed under: Opinion