OPINION: It’s time to go, Cho

Vote Leon Saul for Ward 42 city councillor on Oct. 25.

Why? I don’t know. Just don’t vote Raymond Cho.

That’s exactly what the mayoral race has come down to, so why not extend it to the rest of council?

It looks like a big percentage of people are only going to vote for George Smitherman because they don’t want Rob Ford as mayor, so why not just keep things consistent?

Heck, why don’t the candidates make it easier for us and drop out if they are trailing in the polls (thank you Sarah Thomson and Rocco Rossi).

Are you a candidate in Ward 42? Thinking about dropping out? Don’t forget to throw your support to Saul. Why? Again, I don’t know other than he’s not Cho.

Let’s face it, the likelihood of Cho getting re-elected are extremely high. He’s a familiar face in Ward 42 and has been re-elected consistently since 1991.

Ward 42 is also home to Toronto’s largest Chinese community.

Not that the two are necessarily related, but with a population that is 90 per cent visible minority, how is any candidate going to break through the barriers of language and culture barrier to reach such a diverse community — unless he’s got 19 years of city council experience behind him?

Cho has been criticized by other candidates for not doing enough to fix the ward’s bad reputation. Rightly or wrongly, Malvern has the bad rap of being riddled with crime.

Though things have improved since 2005, the infamous year when gunplay was the name of the game on Toronto streets, it’s still lacking proper representation and leadership. That’s according to Saul, who wants to lead Malvern youth by the hand — motivating, mobilizing and all that good stuff. See, don’t you want to vote for him already?

Cho’s critics say he’s not as in touch with his constituents as he should be, that he’s not knocking on enough doors. But with an election record like his, is there a need to put in all that effort?

If he’s been winning using whatever strategy he’s been using, why not continue it? It’s been working so far and the odds are pretty good it will again. In previous years, Cho won the last six elections by landslides.

Hats off to Cho for running the show as long as he has, but it’s time for a change.

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. I’m here to tell you who not to vote for. Let’s aim for change in Ward 42 and dethrone the reigning king.

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By: Patrycja Klucznik
Posted: Oct 18 2010 4:14 pm
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