Willowdale winner sets sights on improving infrastructure and services

David Zimmer indicates his delight at re-election in Willowdale riding.

The re-elected MPP in Willowdale says his next move is to implement his campaign’s initiatives of improving schools, transportation and hospitals in the riding.

There was jubilation on the upper level of St. Louis Bar and Grill on Yonge Street, Thursday night, when the polls were finally announced. Liberal David Zimmer claimed victory, with 19,264 votes, to second place Conservative’s newcomer Vince Agovino with 12,318 votes..

The win compelled Zimmer to re-emphasize the issues he so strongly addressed during his campaign.

“We are going to continue to work right away on those things that we spoke to on the platform: schools, education, universities, hospitals and transportation. That’s what people are interested in… They want to have good lives,” Zimmer said.

Comparatively, the Agovino camp, a few streets away, was very much baffled at the loss and could not pinpoint any specific reason. Volunteer Gail Remouf expressed her disappointment.

“I don’t know why; (Agovino) has worked so hard and he deserves to win, “ Remouf said.

Zimmer praised his team for its work and felt strongly that much of his success can be equally attributed to his team’s determination.

“I have a great campaign team and we work tremendously hard and the campaign team we were all over the riding and all over the polls; and they just their hearts and souls into it,” Zimmer said.

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By: Coriandre Lawrence
Posted: Oct 7 2011 2:18 am
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