United Way fundraiser about more than charity

For Dominic Colangelo, a small charity barbecue is about more than raising money. It’s also about keeping charity in the family business and community.

Angelo Colangelo, Dominic’s father, owns the Brothers Colangelo Fruit Market near Midland Avenue and Pitfield Road Dominic took over running the barbecue from his father.

On Oct. 14 and 15, the market kept up a 10-year-long tradition of hosting the annual barbecue that raises money for the United Way.

The event was started by Scotiabank, who approached the market to ask them to donate the meat. Brothers Colangelo Fruit Market started holding the event at their location because the meat would be easily accessible.

“It lets the community have a way of giving back,” Dominic said. “My father started this business [and] this charity [partnership] and now we are all involved.”

The fresh burgers and sausages made the short trip from the market’s back room to a corner of the parking lot, where staff from the Scotiabank Midland and Sheppard branch volunteered to staff the grill and sell the food.

“It’s community involvement…they help us, we help them,” said Terry Wilder, manager of personal banking at the Scotiabank branch.

The annual two-day event usually raises between $800 and $1000. Wilder said they raised about $450 on the first day, and he was pretty sure they would be able to make that much on the second day.

Dominic hopes to keep the event running in the future, adding that customers really enjoy being able take part in the fundraising right where they shop.

Francesca Italian Bakery, near McCowan Road and Invergordon Avenue also supports the event, providing buns for the meat.

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By: Natalie Sequeira
Posted: Oct 17 2011 1:34 pm
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