Ensuring safety for community groups and sports teams

Decision made at a recent Scarborough Community Council meeting will see changes that would greatly affect residents all over the area.

The meeting, which took place earlier this month, may force community groups and sports teams to buy insurance.

Matthew Savage, a member of the Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) in Scarborough also believes that insurance is crucial.

“Insurance is important to have, especially for sports and community-related activities,” Savage said.

Jennifer Arkison, a 20-year-old city of Toronto employee with the Parks, Forestry and Recreation area thinks that the council made a smart decision.

“It keeps everyone safer,” Arkison said.

“People are going to feel safe and secure knowing they’re protected.”

– Jennifer Arkison

Arkison, who is a head instructor in the Learn to Skate program, feels the insurance may help organizations.

“People are going to feel safe and secure knowing they’re protected,” she said.

Savage, 21, seems to have the same beliefs as Arkison.

“I don’t think programs and sports organizations will suffer,” he said. “People hate insurance because it costs money, money that may never prove useful to the insured. But when an accident happens, you need that security. There are too many risks involved to not have insurance.”

Arkison thinks that it may be costly, but having insurance will be worth it in the long run.

“The extra cost may be an issue and the degree of the coverage,” she said. “If everything isn’t covered and something happens there might be issues.”

Finances are usually key aspects for business and organizations issues, especially if they are smaller or not that well known.

Savage explained that issues with the insurance could be the cost, it could be what’s covered, or it could be the conditions of who’s covered.

“Insurance is so specific and often people don’t understand what they’re reading within their policies,” he said. “Confusion could arise and people could question what they are insured for.”

“Things happen and you never know when or what’s going to happen,” Arkison said. “Sports are not predictable and when things happen something needs to be in place to protect everyone involved.”

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By: Kaitlin Clubley
Posted: Feb 2 2012 9:48 pm
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