‘It’s really scary’, says Torontonian stranded in New York by Sandy

New Yorkers line up outside the Chelsea Whole Foods supermarket in New York City on Sunday evening to prepare ahead of Hurricane Sandy blowing into town. 

NEW YORK CITY — After reading a caution letter from her hotel, one Torontonian is afraid of what Hurricane Sandy will do to the Big Apple.

Cristina Lombardi, 23, is a Toronto resident stuck in New York City thanks to the storm.

“I’m worried I won’t get out of the city in time to get home,” Lombardi says.

She has been watching the news since Sunday night and admits she has been looking out her window to see what is occurring below.

“Being from Toronto I’m not used to natural disasters,” Lombardi says. “I’m alone in the city. It’s really scary for me.”

She has visited New York multiple times and finds it odd that there is little activity on the streets, which she says are always busy. Her Monday night flight was cancelled and she has been unable to book another.

“I am disappointed. I have plans and responsibilities back in Toronto,” Lombardi says. “I’ve overextended my stay here.”

All flights are cancelled from New York City’s three major airports. The subway system and highways have been closed since 7 p.m. Sunday night.

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport has cancelled 400 arriving and departing flights since Sunday evening. Sandy is expected to cause wet weather for Toronto for the next few days beginning tonight.

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for Toronto, which it has indicated will last until late tomorrow morning.

“Over parts of Southern Ontario, north to northeast winds associated with this storm will intensify this evening, with sustained winds of 60 km/h and gusts at times to 90,” Environment Canada warns. “Winds may be even stronger in the Niagara and Sarnia regions, as well as over areas of higher terrain, where gusts over 100 km/h are possible.”

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By: Nikki Pulsone
Posted: Oct 29 2012 8:20 pm
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  1. Why is she getting afraid ?
    Everything would be back to normal dear, just believe in god. He is he creator and destroyer of this world.

  2. I am in the same situation!! stuck and no power! Con not wait to go home. So glad that there is an actual Torontonian taking the time to make a story about this!

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