Councillor says no connection between YRT and TTC hikes

A City of Vaughan councilor says York Region Transit fare increases are not tied to recent TTC fare hikes.

The YRT website indicated YRT patrons will face a 25-cent fare increase in January of next year. This follows the recent announcement of fare increases at the Toronto Transit Commission. Ward 5 Coun. Alan Shefman denies there is a connection.

“There is no relationship between the YRT and TTC systems,“ he said. “They are two different, separate transit authorities who have different agreements with their employees. Therefore, there is no direct increase.”

Richmond Hill resident Fay Chan is upset about the YRT fare increases.

“I do not agree with the two fare increases, specifically with YRT always raising their prices,” Chan said.

Everyday Chan, who doesn’t own a car, takes the 99 YRT/Viva Blue Bus to Finch station. Then, she rides the subway to York Mills and the 96 Wilson Bus to get to her office, near Dufferin and Wilson. The result, she said, is that she pays two fares.

“Having to pay two fares is really expensive,” Chan said. “It makes me question working further away from home because I am already spending so much on the commute.”

Coun. Shefman said that operating a car poses a similar expense.

“There are extraordinary expenses taking a car, whether it’s parking, gridlock, etc.,” he said. “The only other option besides driving downtown, which is prohibitive, (is) to take public transit or the GO bus.”

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By: Paulina Pestryakav
Posted: Oct 30 2012 4:45 am
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