Lego man-in-space co-creator pursuing higher education

The masterminds behind last year’s Lego man space shot are now pursuing higher learning.

Last January, Asad Muhammad and Matthew Ho, both 18, successfully launched a science balloon with a Lego man and a video camera aboard. The balloon climbed 24 kilometres into the atmosphere before returning to Earth. The two former high-school students have now decided where they will continue their educations.

Matthew Ho has chosen to study commerce at the University of British Columbia. Meanwhile, Asad Muhammad will study at Centennial College’s School of Transportation in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program.

“I wanted to become an aircraft maintenance engineer,” Muhammad said. “I decided to study at Centennial because it’s the best school which offers that program.”

He finds his current study very satisfying. He likes the hands-on training in the hangar.

“After graduating I want to work in any airline industry as an aircraft maintenance engineer,” he said.

Prof. James C. Passant, co-ordinator of avionics/pilot program of the School of Transportation, at Centennial College is pleased to have Asad Muhammad as his student.

“He is an example student. Other students follow him,” Passant said. “He has a lot more interests (than just) working in the aircraft maintenance and he’s progressing very well.”

Muhammad recalled that he and Ho conducted the Lego man space shot for a total cost of $400. Muhammad said they watched a lot of videos online; hence the idea was basically an online inspiration.

“We put four cameras (in the balloon), two for taking photos and two for taking videos,” Muhammad said. “Our purpose was to see the Earth’s curvature and the blackness.”

Muhammad’s and Ho’s balloon carried the Lego man holding Canadian flag into space and back to Earth for an hour’s journey all shot in photos and videos. Their video has been viewed on YouTube millions of times.

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By: Hasan Zahid
Posted: Apr 16 2013 4:30 pm
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