Video: Why Toronto still needs the Red Door Family Shelter

Threatened with closure due to high rent

Red Door Family Shelter, its office located at 21 Carlaw Ave., has long been helping Canadian families and refugees.

Its name, Red Door, comes from the memory of a minister in the 1930s, during the Depression, who painted all the church doors red as a symbol of hope. And Red Door today is still that symbol of hope for many families.

Bernnitta Hawkins, the executive director of Red Door, spoke about the importance and role that Red Door plays in helping families.

Red Door serves mothers and children who are fleeing abusive relationships. The help is food stamps, a roof over their heads, and education to get mothers back into the workforce.  Red Door also helps refugees here in Canada.

Red Door’s office

Linda Kelley, 47, a resident of East York, required Red Door’s assistance 18 years ago when she was evicted from her home. Today, with the help of Red Door’s housing committee, Linda has kept her home for the past 18 years. Observer TV’s Jeremy Hon reports.

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By: Jeremy Hon
Posted: May 1 2014 6:17 pm
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