Veggielicious makes Toronto return

4th annual celebration of vegetarian, vegan cuisine ends Nov. 30

Veggielicious is serving up tasty meals at local restaurants, cafes and bakeries until Nov. 30 Christine Hogg

Gather around, lovers of veggies, lentils and all things vegan; the Veggielicious Festival is back for its fourth annual celebration of vegetarian cuisine.

The event, produced by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, is   similar to the city’s beloved Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs. Veggielicious, a two week event, celebrates the passion and flavours of some of Toronto’s most renowned vegetarian chefs.

As Media Advisor for the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s David Alexander points out, this event aims to demonstrate that healthy eating can be fun and flavourful.

“Veg cuisine has come a long way in the past twenty years. Toronto is also home to a smattering of diverse cuisines, and many of those cuisines feature vegetarian foods prominently,” Alexander said. “We see other restaurants putting a veg twist on fine dining experience.”

In Toronto, vegetarianism is quickly becoming a popular lifestyle choice. Though not always well-informed about it, he said.

“Eating veg is good for you, good for animals and great for the planet,” Alexander said. “But people aren’t always aware of how easy it is to find great tasting food.”

Veggielicious is serving up tasty meals at local restaurants, cafes and bakeries until Nov. 30. Despite the name Veggielicious, the majority of the food served is vegan, so that those with dietary restrictions or preferences can still enjoy it. Most of the participating vendors offer their dining guests a three-course, prix fixe menu, ranging from $25 to $30. From fried tofu and hearty soups to rich chocolate cake made from beet juice, there is no shortage of variety at this year’s Veggielicious.

So far, 32 restaurants and cafes have signed up to participate in Veggielicious, with more to come. Check here for a list of your favourite vegetarian restaurants.

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