TDSB to review board’s operations

The government of Ontario is stepping in to deal with allegations of inappropriate behaviour at the Toronto District School Board. For months there have been accusations of tampering with documents, trustees harassing staff, insubordination, and questionable spending habits.

At a press conference, Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education, spoke about the allegations.

“It is clear that the issues at TDSB go beyond simply competing personalities. It would be naïve to think TDSB finds itself where it is today because of the actions of any one person or any one group of people,” Sandals said. “Rather I am concerned that the issues at the TDSB may be symptomatic of broader governance issues.”

Sandals appointed Margaret Wilson, the former Registrar of the Ontario College of Teachers to conduct a review of TDSB.

“Margaret will look at two things, first she will review the current operational and relationship issues that the TDSB,” Sandals said at the press conference. “This will include things like concerns about access to the director’s contract as well as overall board compliance with provincial legislation.

“Second, Margaret will be providing our government with recommendations on how we can best conduct a broader review of the board’s current governance structure,” Sandals added.

The board is not being placed under supervision but Sandals expects Wilson to report her recommendations back to her before the end of the year.

“It is essential that the government help set the new board up for success, that is what this review process is all about. It’s about giving the new board the tools they need to succeed,” Sandals said.

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By: Virginia Mashingaidze
Copy editor: Peder Myhr
Posted: Nov 27 2014 10:24 am
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