Controversy over gender-based bread

Stonemill's man's and women's loaves raise social media complaints

Stonemill Bakehouse products are facing  controversy for gender-specific bread.

The Canadian bakery Stonemill Bakehouse has released his and her versions of bread, each kind supposedly tailored toward one of the two sexes.

Criticism on social media have questioned whether theire is a need for bread that is gender-based.

The pair of gender-based breads has appeared on the shelves of local Loblaws, Sobeys and also No Frills locations.  One loaf of bread is made and labelled for women and another for men.

When it comes to the processing and making of the gender-specific breads, there are big differences are geared towards the two different genders diet. For women, the recipe is a milder, light-textured, hemp and quinoa bread that contains vitamin D and calcium, which is packaged in a pink accented bag. For the men, it is a hearty, barely and rye version with protein and fibre.

“The breads were formulated to address nutrient needs,” according to Stonemill president Gottfried Boehringer.

“The dietary needs for men and women are slightly different, and these breads were created to reflect those differences in terms of nutrients,” he said. “While both of breads are high in protein, fibre and are non-GMO (not genetically modified), the women’s bread was formulated to be a source of calcium, vitamin D and iron, while the men’s bread is a source of zinc and magnesium.”

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By: Kimberly Naipaul
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Posted: Feb 10 2015 11:20 am
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