Camping out in style for cool, new garb

Release of the Adidas x Kanye West clothing line draws a crowd

It’s been a long wait for fashion enthusiasts, but it’s finally here. The highly anticipated Adidas x Kanye West “Yeezy Season 1” collection has been released.

Across the world, people have lined up outside stores for the highly coveted collection. While some waited hours, others camped out overnight just for the chance of getting their hands on the new collection.

In Toronto, the collection was available at three stores: Nomad, Jonathan+Olivia and TNT (The New Trend). Brothers Khalid and Alykhan Rahmetulla toughed it out overnight outside Jonathan+Olivia to peruse the collection.

“We’ve been here since 10:30 p.m.,” Khalid said. “I want to make sure I get my hands on it.” Meantime, Alykhan said he’s been counting the days. “I’ve been waiting for this since last when it was first announced,” he enthused.

For special releases like the Adidas x Kanye West collection, overnighters are the norm. With such demand and anticipation, it is sometimes the only way customers can guarantee walking away with apparel. 

Retail hype camp-out essentials:

▪ Lawn chair ▪ Blanket or sleeping bag ▪ Jacket ▪ Food and beverages ▪Laptop, tablets, cellphone ▪ Bring a friend

For Khalid, this was not his first campout. “You definitely need a camp chair to get comfortable and some food,” he said.

Alykhan agreed. “You need to come with someone else, it’s a lot more fun, and you can also use a buddy system so you won’t lose your spot in the line.”

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By: Melvin Gomez
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