Visit of proponent for legalizing rape opposed

Women's advocate calls meetups hateful, calls for stopping them in Canada

American pick-up artist, Roosh V., is back in Toronto and this visit is facing just as much opposition as his last.

Roosh V., whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, plans to meetups across Canada on Feb. 6 for people who read and agree with his controversial messages.

A legal worker for Act to End Violence Against Women, who preferred not to be named, calls these meetups disgusting.

“Anything that advocates violence against anybody else is clearly disgusting,” she says.

Valizadeh is known for his controversial statement about rape. A post on his website, “How To Stop Rape”, suggests rape should be legal, if it takes place on private property.

“It’s like hate crime,” the legal worker says. “It sounds like we shouldn’t even give it so much attention.

“It’s obviously disgusting and sounds illegal,” she says. “It sounds like hate propaganda.”

She says she can’t believe that these meetups are being given headlines and thinks they may even violate free speech and should not be allowed.

Mayor John Tory tweeted yesterday: “No place for intolerance, hatred & misogyny in Toronto. I’m with you,” agreeing with other Canadian mayors on their position in this matter.

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Posted: Feb 3 2016 2:50 pm
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