Hot-blooded sauce lovers attend free tasting event

Drake Hotel showcases local hot sauce entrepreneurs

Local chefs, business owners and entrepreneurs from across the city came together to showcase their hot sauce recipes at the Drake Hotel on Monday. The tasting was a part of their series of free food-based events called “86’d”.

Samples of the hot sauces were handed out to patrons of the restaurant as a complimentary side to their meals and beverages.

A number of customers from all across the city came to the Drake Hotel specifically for the tasting.

“I’m from Scarborough, so I usually don’t come out this way,” said self-proclaimed hot sauce lover Constantino Tzavaras. “But I came to try out all of these hot sauces and hopefully find one that I can use everyday.”

Local food truck Fidel Gastro displays their notoriously spicy hot sauce.

Local food truck Fidel Gastro displays their notoriously spicy hot sauce.

Carlos Flores is the co-founder of Number 7 Hot Sauce. The tasting gave him a chance to share his passion for hot sauce with others.

“I had a really good time at the event,” Flores enthused. “It gave everyone a chance to come out and support their favourite local brands.”

As a chef and entrepreneur, Carlos appreciates that this kind of event fosters respect for their recipes.

“I really liked that it was a tasting as opposed to a competition,” Flores explained. “Instead it was just like everyone was celebrating hot sauce.”

The Drake hosts free food events every Monday. Their next event is the St. Royals 5 Year Anniversary Party. It will feature live performances and free cocktails.

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Posted: Apr 5 2016 10:05 pm
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