CityPlace condo residents endure power outages

Toronto Hydro called to fix power at downtown buildings again

Residents in downtown Toronto’s CityPlace condo buildings have been frustrated with a series of power outages.

The latest happened on the evening of Sept.7 and lasted until early morning. Toronto Hydro worked through the night to restore power to CityPlace’s nine buildings. According to Toronto Hydro, an investigation will determine the cause of these power outages.

Gary Pieters, president of the CityPlace Residents Association, says the power outages have caused health and safety issues. Toronto Hydro has a lot of explaining to do and needs to regain the confidence of CityPlace’s residents.

Toronto Hydro says condo residents shouldn’t expect to pay less for the bills despite the string of outages.

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Posted: Sep 12 2016 12:21 pm
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