Two Toronto women show the good in being a ‘Bad Girl’

'Imagine if women were given that same attention every day,' says Bad Girls Collective co-founder Kara Wark

In March, we celebrate women.

It is at this time of year that women of the world pause to look at what they have accomplished and what they have yet to. The month recognizes female brilliance and acknowledges the sacrifices of the women we encounter every day.

(Osobe Waberi / Toronto observer)

Now that we know what we celebrate, and who we celebrate, let’s talk about how we celebrate.

So rally your “women-loving gang,” because a Toronto-based collective of women knows exactly how to come together for important celebratory purposes.

The Bad Girls Collective is a growing group of women who gather for book readings, workshops, social nights and charity events.

Co-Founders Kate Chippindale and Kara Wark are no strangers to bringing women together for thought-provoking conversation through English literature.

“Bad Girls Collective started as a book club with a mission to read more but also to connect strong, intelligent and driven women that celebrate and encourage each other’s success,” said Wark.

On March 8, the two hosted a Woman’s Day event at The Drake Hotel. There, women of all ages conversed for hours, sharing words of wisdom and encouragement.

“Women are given a stage to voice their concerns, ask for support, raise a hand and demand change,” said Wark. “Imagine if women were given that same attention every day. That’s a powerful thought.”

Interestingly, the Bad Girls Collective also gives back to other female groups. For example, proceeds from the Woman’s Day event went to the Sistering Organization, a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless and in other difficult situations.

“Every aspect of Bad Girls Collective stands to support other women, from shining light on deserving boss-mode women and promoting women-led businesses to giving back to women in need,” said Chippindale.

“Support is our middle name. Every event we host, proceeds are donated to local charities.”

For these bad girls, one woman’s success is a success for all women.

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Posted: Mar 22 2018 10:34 am
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