‘Pignic’ raises money for homeless guinea pigs

Thanks to the event at Greenwood Park, more than $1900 will go toward placing animals in suitable homes

(Left to right) Caio, Jack and Mila Snow with their prize-winning guinea pig. (Justin Chan/TORONTO OBSERVER)

More than 250 guinea pigs participated in the Toronto Pignic last Saturday at Greenwood Park. The third annual event raised over $1,900 for Helping Homeless Pets and Piggles Rescue, two organizations dedicated to helping pets find suitable homes.

“The event was meant to advocate for responsible pet ownership and for the care and welfare of guinea pigs,” says Olivia Pudney, who has organized it for all three years. The Pignic provides “a space for the guinea pig and local community to come together.”

Over 1,000 people attended, as children and adults alike brought their prized pets to mix and mingle with guinea pigs of different breeds and sizes.

Guinea pig owners also got a rare chance to show off their pets at the main event of the day: the Piggie Pageant. Guinea pigs were judged in several categories, from biggest guinea pig and best costume to a pig’s likeness to its owner.

Pudney advised anyone thinking about adopting a pig to do their research. “[Guinea pigs] can live up to 10 to 11 years old, which is the same level of commitment you should expect from a cat or dog.”

With many similar events dedicated to more popular pets like dogs and cats, the Pignic offers Toronto a fresh glimpse into the city’s diverse pet culture.

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Posted: Sep 19 2018 11:49 am
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