Pantsless subway ride celebrates 17th anniversary

TTC commuters shed their pants despite cold weather

The Sunday Afternoon commute on the Northbound TTC Subway line, with pantsless commuters.
The Sunday Afternoon commute on the Northbound TTC Subway line, with pantsless commuters. Angelo Cruz/Toronto Observer

TTC Commuters were joined by large groups of pantless individuals last Sunday for international No Pants Subway Ride day.

The event started by comedy group Improv Everywhere celebrated its 17th anniversary for the eccentric subway ride throughout the Toronto subway line.

Many of the participants used this event as a means to make Toronto a more lively city, especially for people like Peter Gray.

Peter Gray and his fellow pantless commuters.

Gray has participated in the No Pants Subway Ride event before, with this being his second time as part of the pantsless commute. He has also participated in similar events such as the World Naked Bike Ride event.

With events like this, Gray finds the annual gathering as a way to make the city of Toronto livelier with the eccentric nature of its participants.

“I’m here for a bit of fun, to make Toronto feel a bit more exciting,” Gray said.

“In the subway, no pants is a good thing. I saw it online in New York, in Berlin, all around the world, it just seems like a fun thing”.

Throughout the commute, chants of “ain’t no party like a no pants party” were heard throughout the subway trains, as well as the platforms for when they arrived to their destinations.

With the wild and eccentric participants of this year’s event, the future of pantsless TTC commutes remains bright for those who wish for liberation from “leg jail.”

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Posted: Jan 16 2019 11:31 am
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