Toronto ranked top Canadian city for transit in 2019

Redfin ranking shows scores for top 15 Canadian cities

TTC was named the best Canadian city for transit in 2019.  Marcus Davy/Toronto Observer

Social media is buzzing after a recent Transit Score ranking conducted by Redfin real estate brokerage revealed that Toronto was the best city for Canadian transit in 2019.

This Transit Score ranking score is based on the convenience and frequency of buses and trains. Fifteen of the top Canadian cities with a population of more than 300,000 were conducted and with a score of 78, Toronto sits at the top with Vancouver and Montréal just behind them.

According to Redfin, Toronto’s score of 78 even tops a lot of major cities in North America, such as Boston and Washington, D.C.

Even with this, many people are unsatisfied with the results. They went to Twitter to voice their displeasure and disbelief.

Sharief Sukkar, a student attending Ryerson University, says cities like Montreal deserve a higher spot than Toronto.

“Considering what we have, public transit is pretty good,” he said. “But I hate public transit. I don’t think it deserves to be ranked number one.”

While some were in disbelief and not pleased, others came to the defense of Toronto Transit saying that it is, without a doubt, the best transit.

“It’s good for people to understand how friendly transit is in their city.”

Fifteen cities were rated.  Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal were ranked the best Canadian cities with scores of 78, 74, and 67.

Kris Bachan, a Ryerson University student who has traveled in cities using public transit, says other transit isn’t quite like Toronto’s and it makes sense that Toronto is at the top.

“I feel like it’s true. I’ve been to different cities like Brampton and Montréal. The transit in these cities are way different and a lot more expensive,” he says. “They put a lot of money into our subways in Toronto. I feel like it should be first out of other cities, at least that is how I feel.”

According to Redfin, when it comes to buying homes, people often want to know how transit-friendly their city is before they buy houses. Whether it be how close transit is to these homes, or if it’s available in their area.

“It’s good for people to understand how friendly transit is in their city,”  said Redfin spokesperson Alina Ptaszynski, .

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Posted: Mar 16 2019 2:47 pm
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