LCBO workers want ID checks at all entrances

'The workers have been threatened, and this has been going on for far too long'

LCBO store at Victoria Park and Ellesmere
The LCBO workers union wants an ID check for every customer at every store entrance. Vatche Ayvazian/Toronto Observer

LCBO workers are meeting with LCBO representatives next week to discuss the possibility of adding security and ID checks at the entrances of their stores to prevent theft.

The LCBO workers union wants a mandatory ID check for every customer at every store entrance.

According to a CBC story, $77 million worth of alcohol was stolen from the LCBO in 2018 alone. When employees catch someone stealing in their stores, they are told not to intervene and to contact police immediately.

“It’s actually unbelievable,” said Denise Davis, an LCBO customer-service representative and the chair of the OPSEU’s liquor-store-employee division. “The workers have been threatened, and this has been going on for far too long.”

A meeting is scheduled for April 10 with the LCBO and the OPSEU.

“We’re hoping to get a plan similar to Manitoba’s where there’s ID checks and security at entrances,” Davis said. “Everything will be discussed on April 10. In the meantime, we’re trying to get Doug Ford to attend.”

Manitoba has the Liquor & Lotteries plan to stop thieves. The province  already uses ID checks and security guards at almost all liquor stores.

When asked to comment, LCBO media relations person Dwight Thomas said by phone, “We are aware of what’s happening, and we’re currently monitoring the situation. That’s all I can tell you at this point.”

Manny Kloves, 28, of Scarborough works at Marks and is a regular customer at the LCBO.

Kloves thinks that, for the sake of both workers and customers, certain measures should be put in place.

“I think for the public’s safety, as well as mine, it’s an amazing step that they should take,” Kloves said. “I’m constantly hearing on the news that there’s theft. I personally think that adding security should help both workers and customers.”

Manny Kloves thinks that adding security would be “an amazing step.” (Vatche Ayvazian)


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Posted: Apr 1 2019 12:35 pm
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