Toronto gamers welcome new opportunity to change their PlayStation IDs

PlayStation Network users are now able to change their ID name with new online feature

Willy Chan, co-owner of Pixels and Pints Game Lounge, said Sony made a good decision in allowing PlayStation 4 users to change their IDs. Marcus Davy/Toronto Observer

Your elementary ID names are no more.

Inside a brand-new game lounge in Riverside, gamers welcomed the news that PlayStation is now allowing them to change their online ID names.

PlayStation, which is owned by Sony, officially made the announcement on April 10 on Twitter. Details on how to change your ID name are posted on PlayStation.Blog.

But according to PlayStation, only PlayStation 4 owners have access to this new feature. PlayStation has not commented on why it only applies to the PlayStation 4.

“I think it’s a step for Sony,” says Willy Chan, co-owner of Pixels and Pints game lounge in on Broadview Avenue.

“In terms of giving their customer base what they want, little things like that matter.”

Nicholas Pollastrone, a student in his final year of high school at South East Year Round Alternative Centre (Seyrac), said the name change feature is important to him.

Nicholas Pollastrone, a regular user of PlayStation, said he made a mistake when he originally name is  PlayStation ID name, so he appreciates the chance to change it. (Marcus Davy/Toronto Observer)

“It’s very helpful,” he said. “When I was younger, on my PlayStation 3, I set up my PlayStation Network and tried to spell my name Nicholas. I accidentally put a G instead of a C for my name and I have never been able to fix it since.”

Pollastrone now owns a PlayStation 4, so will be able to fix the error. He said he appreciates how the company responded to its users.

“I feel like PlayStation definitely listened to the community on this,” he said.  “It’s something we’ve been asking for a lot.”

You can change your name as many times as you want. The first time is free. After that it is US $9.99 to change your name.

PlayStation has captured the hearts of many people over its 24-year history by giving users the ability to play online, play multiplayer games, and even create with own names with the user ID feature.

According to the PlayStation website, players may lose progress on games played with their current IDs if they choose to change their names. If that happens, they can revert to their old IDs.

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Posted: Apr 17 2019 1:51 pm
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